We provide quality

Our services are summarized as follows. 


Mortgage Advisory Services

PPM offers expert and informed mortgage advice, helping clients apply for the right mortgage that meets their needs.


Consultancy Services

PPM consults, advises, and helps with the processes including buying, selling, and renting property.


Property Valuation

PPM helps to evaluate the value of a property during the selling, buying or renting processes.


Real Estate Brokerage

PPM helps you with renting, buying, and selling luxury houses, apartments, and villas.

This includes off-plan projects which are still under construction, ready-to-move projects, and rent of the property.

Residential and Commercial Property Management

PPM oversees the daily operations of real estate property, ensuring the property is run smoothly and efficiently, and making sure that the needs of property owners are met.

This includes maintenance and repairs of the building and apartments, dealing with tenant issues, collecting rent payments, and vetting new tenants.

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